Year 10 Manufacturing (Resistant Material)
The Clock Project


Clock Project Classwork/Homework Week
Practical Skills Involved Classwork/Homework
Marking out shapes (Making Template) (I.T) 3
Cutting out shape using coping saws and hacksaws Classwork 3
Edge Treatment using blades, glass paper, files, buffing machine Classwork 4/5
Drilling to allow for the clock mechanism (Use of pattern drill bit) Classwork 4
Cutting wood for laminated base Classwork 4/5
Gluing up using G-cramps Classwork 5
Planing wood, glass paper Classwork 4/5
Use of varnish on Laminated wood Classwork 6
Laminating layers of plastic Classwork 4
Installing mechanism Classwork 7
Design Skills Involved Classwork/Homework Week
Design Situation and Brief (I.T) 1
Specifications (I.T) 1
Initial Ideas Homework/apply rendering 2
Finished Presentation Drawing Classwork/Homework 2
Time Plan of Construction Classwork/Homework 4
Evaluation Classwork 7
Web diagram of possible themes Classwork 1
Flowchart of Construction (I.T) 3/4
Orthographic of Clock Mechanism (I.T) 3
Research Clocks and Imagery Internet/magazines/photographs 2
Jigs and Templates/Patterns Homework 6
Theory Involved Classwork/Homework Week
Plastics (Thermoplastics and Thermosetting Plastics) Classwork 2
Properties of certain Plastics Classwork 3
Cutting Tools(Hacksaws and Coping Saws) Classwork 5
Edge Treatment of Acrylic Diary Homework 3
How materials are prepared for manufacture allowing for waste and fine line finishing. Classwork 3
Self-Finishing(Acrylic). Applied Finishing(Laminated Base) for aesthetic purposes and functional purposes. Classwork 6
Pre-manufactured components - Clock Mechanisms Homework-Research Components 5
British Standards Symbol-Use of British Standards Classwork 7
Marking Out Techniques-Tools/Equipment Diary Homework 2