Year 10 Manufacturing (Resistant Materials)

Teaching Rational (Clock Project)

Year 10 - Clock Project (Use of a variety of resistant materials)
The Task
To use the school Design Technology resources to design and make a clock using a variety of resistant and compliant materials.

Setting the Task
Design a clock to be used in the home. The user and a suitable theme must be identified.
Main Aims
To apply graphic skills in a problem solving activity.
To be able to create a cutting list from a working drawing.
To learn and to be able to apply plastic and wood construction techniques.
To learn about the application of commercial glues.
To learn about the use of templates.
To be able to plan the various stages of their work in an appropriate way.
To be able to accurately mark out materials in the correct way.
How to select materials to match construction techniques.

Cost of materials used to manufacture a one off product. (Spreadsheets)

Understand how important it is to choose the correct materials when planning a visually appealing project.

The Nature of the Product

All pupils should complete the following;
A free standing or wall mounted clock.

An understanding of;
Plastics and their properties.
Timbers and their properties.
The safe use of materials.
Technical Knowledge and Understanding
Properties of both woods and plastics
Correct use of marking out and cutting equipment
Use of Templates
British Standards
Design Techniques
Knowledge of standard components
Tools and Materials needed
Hand tools/Cutting tools
Acrylic and Hardwoods
Forstener Pattern Drill Bits
Wood finishes

Using I.T
Orthographic Drawings(C.A.D)
Desk top publishing
Use of Mathematics
Costing of materials
Using Science
Properties of woods
Properties of plastics
Properties of glues
Industrial Knowledge
One Off Production
Batch Production
Mass Production
Wastage and Fine Line Finishing
Useful Resource Tasks
Examine how Computer Numerical Control Systems may be used to cut out a cavity for a mechanism or a clock face shape. This would allow you to create large numbers of identical clocks ( Mass Production)

Practice applying finishes on small pieces of woods.