Year 10 Manufacturing (Resistant Materials)

Lesson 9 Week 9 Flowchart (Clock Project)

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Lesson 2
Orthographic Drawings
Lesson 3
Brainstorming, Cognitive Charts
and Attribute Analysis
Lesson 4
Plastics. Properties, Uses and Common Forms.
Lesson 5
Hardwoods and Softwoods Properties, Uses and Common Forms
Lesson 6
Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals, Properties and Common forms
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Drawing Styles and Modelling
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Lesson 9
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Vacuum Forming
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Planning the Task: Flowcharts


Flowcharts are used to show the correct sequence of events of a particular operation. This may be used in business, commerce or in the world of computer programming.
These flowchart symbols have been taken from the British Standards BS4058: 1973 (Specification for processing flow chart symbols, rules and conventions).

Flowlines must be added in between the boxes and these lines should have arrows on them to show the direction of flow of instructions.

Press on the following links to find out how all of the above shapes may be correctly used to make a complete flowchart.

Process shapes
A Start shapes
A Decision shape
A Modification shape
Input shape

The Flowchart on the right includes;
Process shapes
A Start shapes
A Decision shape
A Modification shape

Use this flowchart to insert a sequence of instructions which clearly show how you have constructed your clock. This flowchart may be used with another project. It may be extended or adapted using a draw package.

Press here to open the larger version of the Flowchart


LESSON TASK :- To use the flowchart technique to show how the project was planned. All the process should be placed into the correctly shaped boxes.

Programmes of Study

4k To apply and devise test procedures to check the quality of their work at critical points during development, and to indicate ways of improving it;
4l To ensure through testing, modification and evaluation, that the quality of their products is suitable for intended users.