Design and Technology Aims


Through problem solving and technological activities the pupils should build up their skills and confidence to enable them to approach a man made world as active participants in future developments whilst still showing care and sensitivity for the environment.


· To give all pupils of both sexes the opportunity and confidence to tackle and solve problems which are related to the needs of individuals.

· To encourage the pupils to question the world about them as well as being able to constructively evaluate they're own and other peoples work.

· To create a learning environment where the attributes of creativity, equality, cooperation and resourcefulness are developed and the pupil are interested and actively participate in the project work.

· To build where possible on the different backgrounds of the individuals in a group and where possible relate work to relevant cultural information.

· For the pupils to develop an understanding of how they can control products and systems and how the products can be developed further to improve them.

· To encourage and make pupils aware of the similarities and differences between school and the world of work.

· To encourage an open minded and investigative approach when tackling problems.

· To encourage clear communication techniques whether oral, written or in a graphical form.

· To encourage cooperation and the social skills needed when working in a team in a problem solving activity. The pupils should be able to work as individuals when the need arises.

· To build and establish good working practices and an understanding of technical concepts and systems and their safe application.

· To foster appropriate cross - curricular links where possible.

· To encourage the use of I.T as a means of communication, learning and as designs tool.