· To be able to assess the resources available and to decide what is practical within any given constraints such as time, costs and facilities.
· To be able to identify any weakness or fault during the design and make process and find an appropriate solution, record it and overcome the problem.
· To be able to design their own criteria on which to constructively assess their own and other peoples work.


· To know the principles of mechanical movement and mechanisms and to be able to apply them to problem solving activities.
· To know how energy is harnessed and controlled.
· To know that computers can control other devices.
· To know and be able to use a variety of mechanical and electronic control devices with they're practical work.
· To know of pneumatic and hydraulic systems.


· To be able to use a variety of machines and hand tools safely and correctly on a variety of materials and with different technological components.
· To check the product during all stages of manufacture against the original brief and make changes if and when required.
· To be able to work safely and ensure that the product is safe to use.
· To have a good working knowledge of finishing techniques and to be able to apply them in a variety of situations.


· To posses a basic understanding of how to create an electronic circuit and to have a working knowledge of the manufacturing techniques involved.
· To have a good working knowledge of variety of components and to be able to decide where and when they are suitable to integrated into a circuit
· To understand how important electronics is to the society we live in and depend upon.
· To be able to integrate an electronic circuit into a designed body or carcass.
· To understand how electronic circuitry can control movement.


· To be able to identify the impact has on society.
· To see that new technology has forced big changes on industry and its working practices.
· To know that there is a cost to society, good or bad to every new advance.
· That technology can greatly improve peoples living standards.


· To work safely and to ensure that the product or system is safe to use.
· To act in a manner which never endangers others.
· To know the basic safety rules for the technology rules and to keep to those rules.