He department is working towards providing greater differentiation within the schemes of work and the resource materials provided. All members of the department should be aware of the need for differentiation and to use their professional judgment in applying it within their own classroom. Department members should look to.

· Be aware of the objectives for the tasks set.
· When ever possible help the pupil to reach a desired outcome.
· To identify problems and give students support.
· To provide suitable resources.
· To use positive praise.
· To be aware of learning disabilities.

We are aiding differentiation through the monitoring and correlating such data as reading ages, physical disabilities, genders and the result of tests.
To be able to manage differentiation we are using the above data to develop materials through which;

· The task
· The outcome
· The support given

will allow there to be a minimum required standard for all and allow for extension work where possible and required.


The Design technology Department supports and follows the school homework policy as laid out in the staff handbook. In addition the following applies: -

· The department will set homework on the evening specified in the homework timetable.

· The lengths of homework for each year will be as follows: - Year 7 - 25 minutes
Year 8 - 25 minutes
Year 9 - 30 minutes
Year 10 - 30 to 40 minutes
· The work can be set in advance of the set time but not afterwards.

· Homework will normally be handed in either on the following lesson or the next week.

· For an extended piece of homework a two-week homework may be set in lower or upper school.

· All pupils should give in the homework on the deadline set.

· All pupils should wrote their homework topic and deadline date into their homework diaries.