The Design Technology Department fully supports and follows the school disciplinary procedures as stated in the staff handbook.

The management structure for disciplinary problems for the department are as follows: -

Class Teacher

Head of Department

Head of Faculty

Head of House

Deputy Heads

Head Teacher

· Pupils are expected to behave in a safe manner at all times or suitable action will be taken.

· There is a workshop code of safe practice in each teaching room (workshop).

· All staff for less serious behavioral problems will hold lunchtime and breaktime detentions.

· Pupils may be required to remain in school until 3.30pm if their behaviour is unacceptable.

· A conduct log sheet will be filled in if a pupil's behaviour is unacceptable.

· For more serious incidents pupils can expect to receive an after school detention. These detentions are held on a Monday evening at 3.30pm. The duration of the detention will either be 20, 40 or 60 minutes depending on the nature of the incident and the child will be issued with a detention slip. The detention will either be a grade 1,2 or 3. A grade 3 being more serious. Letters are sent home in order for the parents to be notified and to gain their written permission for the child to remain after the official end of the school day.

At the beginning of the detention pupils are informed of the appropriate behaviour that is expected of them. If they do not comply with this code they may receive another detention. Throughout the detention pupils are required to write a letter of apology to the teacher concerned. They are also required to write out the school rules in complete silence.

If a pupil does not turn up for a detention they are given another for the next week. If they do not turn up [on the second occasion the matter is referred to either the appropriate Head of House or the Assistant Deputy Head (Mr. Middleton).

In order for a pupil to receive an after school detention they must be given one weeks prior written notification and the parents must grant their permission.