The department will endeavour to regularly change the display in / on the facilities available.

The purpose of the displays include:

· The promotion of a high standard of work.

· To give positive encouragement for effort.

· To act as a resource.

· To promote a wider understanding of the departments work.

Mrs Heather Buckle (The Faculty Technician) as part of her responsibilities will assist with display work

Individual teachers are responsible for displays of work in their own rooms. They should attempt to change the work regularly.

Policy for the use of I.T within the department

The use of I.T in a variety of forms has a very important part to play within the Department.

All students at KS3 and KS4 need to demonstrate knowledge of I.T in their design work. I.T can be used to: -

· Present work using a word processor.
· Present designs using C.A.D.
· Present and model using spreadsheets.
· Combine work from different sources including word processing, spreadsheets, self -generated drawings, scanned work, databases and the use of clip art.
· Control machinery such as C.N.C milling machine, centre lathe, sewing machine, or knitting machine.
· Present work for chosen audiences.

I.T work in Design Technology will contribute to aspects of the whole school policy by
· Making pupils confident in using I.T for a range of purposes.
· Enabling pupils to improve the quality of their work by using I.T for presentation, organisation, analysis, research, and problem solving.
· Developing pupils' understanding of the applications and effects of I.T in the world around them.

All pupils will be encouraged to;
· Use word processing, spreadsheets, C.A.D and D.T.P in presenting their work where appropriate.
· Work with C.D ROM to retrieve information in the school library.
· Combine photographs and drawings into their own work to raise their understanding of the media.
· To use a Digital Camera to record the development of practical work.

The major software used by the department is;
· Microsoft Works for Windows (V3 and V4).
· Microsoft Publisher.
· Micrografix Draw.
· C.D -ROMS in the Library Resource Rooms.