The Dyson Dual Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner

The Cleaner that does not use bags.

James Dyson is the inventor and designer of the 'Dual Cyclone', the revolutionary new vacuum cleaner that is today generating annual sales of £100 million in the UK and £300 million worldwide. James Dyson's invention has certainly taken the market place by storm. He has used the concept of centrifugal force and incorporated it into the design of his cleaner. The bag has become the thing of the past and so has his competitors. Dyson went from designing sea transporters to garden rollers to wheelbarrows, before striking it rich with the 'Dyson Cyclone'. Dyson took his invention to Hoovers and Electrolux. These companies did not take his invention seriously. Today they can only reflect on the one that got away.

Dyson created many prototypes before developing the cleaner that may be purchased today. James Dyson is a creative, innovative designer who has the ability to convert good ideas into good products.