Equal Opportunities

As a department we are committed to a policy of equal opportunity for all. At all stages within the planning, delivery and evaluation of project work we attempt to ensure that the needs of the students are met, irrespective of the gender, ethnic origin, disabilities, specific ability or social background.

The Design Technology team have developed project contexts and briefs which ensure breadth of subject matter whilst excluding any form of prejudice.

Central to Technology is the development of self -motivated individuals who are able to identify needs within a chosen theme and develop 2 and 3d solutions. Solutions may take many forms but all pass through the stages of the design process. Pupils are encouraged to apply their own background and experiences to any task formulating their own value judgement whilst at the same time respecting the observations of others.

The Design Technology Department supports the school aims of: -

· Raising awareness of equal opportunities issues.

· Treat all pupils with equal respect.

· Enable all pupils' equal access to all areas of the curriculum.

· To combat any form of prejudice and / or discrimination within the school.

Equality of Access

At key stage 3 the department is committed to every pupil having equal access to the curriculum and to have the same opportunities to achieve success. Within this provision there is flexibility for the extension work for those pupils who are capable of dealing with it.
There are also minimum standards which all pupils are expected to achieve.

At Key Stage 4 all pupils have equal access to any of the Design Technology option but it is strongly suggested that pupils think about their choices seriously as it is very difficult for us as a department to relocate them once the courses have begun. For Electronic Products evidence of a proficiency in basic mathematics may be required.