Communication with parents is an important element of the department's work. Following the school policy: -

· We individually talk to parents over the telephone.

· We discuss pupils' progress at consultation evenings.

· In the case of problems we communicate with parents either via or after consultation with the Head of House.

· We inform parents through the official channels if their sons/daughters are going to receive an after school detention.

The department also tries to react positively to any parental requests.

Student Teachers

The department always welcomes the opportunity to provide a teaching practice venue for a trainee teacher.
Mr D.Dudt is the Professional Tutor for the department and it is his responsibility to monitor the students' progress
and organise their timetables whilst at Littlehampton.

The student teacher should expect: -

· The opportunity to teach a range of different pupils (age and ability).

· The support, encouragement and guidance from all department members.

· To be able to observe the members of the department teaching in the classroom.

· Discussions concerning his or her progress throughout the practice.

· Encouragement to join in fully with school life.

· To gain experience of working in both the pastoral and curriculum areas.

· To receive a detailed written evaluation at the end of the teaching practice.

The department should expect: -

· A professional approach to all aspects of their work while in the department.

· To plan out all lessons / activities fully.

· To keep the appropriate records up to date.

· To fill in any assessment sheets required whilst in the school.

· To fit in with the working practices of the school.

· To openly discuss successes and problems with the Professional Mentor.