Links with Industry and Business

As a department we are continually attempting to create links with local businesses and industry.
Mr. G. Tazzyman has an incentive allowance for being in charge of co-ordinating and promoting links with local industry and business.
Mr. D. Williams has recently created links with a large electronics company called Lorlins. As a result of his meetings with the company his pupils are currently creating a set of illuminated signs for the companies interior.
The company has provided materials and components in order for us to manufacture the signs. This opportunity allows our pupils to gain an insight into the world of manufacturing.

As part of the Littlehampton 2000project, which has been organised by Mr.G.Davies we are currently, negotiating with a company called 'Eurotherm Drives'. This company specialises in manufacturing motor drives, we hope to gain apprenticeship and technician training placements for some of our pupils.

We do collect some of our materials from local companies. Without these free materials we would find it extremely difficult to run our courses.

We are always looking for suitable companies to work with.