One Off Production/ job or customer production

A Jewelry storage unit

For her major project this G.C.S.E student decided to design and make a jewellery container. The container is extremely well made and includes a drawer and a flip up lid which contains a mirror. The decorative brass handles really help to add a quality finish to the piece. The sides are fixed together using wooden joints and the edges of the wood have been routed. The unit is a one-off item.
It could be easily batch or mass produced if jigs and power machinery tools were set up along a production line. Each member of the line would be responsible for producing maybe one or two parts or components of the entire finished unit.

The Task

To design and make a small attractive and practical storage unit.


1. The box will be made from hardwoods and softwoods.
2. You may use a variety of simple wood joints.
3. The box must have a good quality of finish.
4. The box may have compartments inside.
5. You will produce an orthographic drawing showing a front view and a side view.
6. You will need to make a cutting list showing the various parts of the box and the sizes of these pieces.
7. You will show, using development drawings how you intend to make the box, what materials are to be used, what tools and machinery will be used and which type of bought components e.g. locks will be used.
8. You will need to keep a diary of practical processes that will include names of equipment, materials and safety considerations.

You will learn the following skills,

· Cutting, shaping and finishing hardwoods and softwoods.
· The use of woodwork joints.
· How to create a removable lid on a box.
· How to use veneer.
· How to correctly apply fixtures and fittings e.g. locks.
· How to use a variety of adhesives.
· The properties of woods.

One Off Production/ job or customer production