Policy For the Provision of Core I.T

I.T work in the Core I.T lessons contribute to the whole school I.T policy by

· Ensuring that all pupils are given experience of using I.T for communication, data handling, modelling and control and feedback in line with the present requirements of the National Orders for I.T.

All pupils will have opportunities to…

· Use an integrated software package for word processing.
datahandling, spreadsheets and graphics to learn the elements of IT skills in these areas.

· Use other software for desktop publishing and graphic and CD- ROM disks for datahandling skills.

· Use additional software and model systems to learn about control and feedback.

The major hardware resources used in Core I.T lessons will be….

· The P.C computers in D10, D11, D4, L6 and E2.

The major software resources for use in Core I.T will be…

· Microsoft Works (V3 and V4), Microsoft Publisher.
· Micrografix Draw, and C.D Roms in the Library Resource Centre.