All equipment is purchased and maintained from budgets allocated from the main school budget. Each room has a set of facilities to match the teaching requirements for key stage 3 and key stage 4. The maintenance and checking of equipment is the responsibility of the member of staff teaching in that room. The equipment in each room should:

· Be checked at the beginning and end of every lesson.

· Be visually checked on a regular basis for any potential hazards.

· Be recorded in stock book if of a value of more than £25.00. The faculty technician retains the master record of stock and equipment.

· Be booked out and signed back in when being borrowed.


The Head of Technology is responsible for the use of the department capitation. All orders for key stage 3 materials are authorised by the Head of Department before being processed. Money is issued to each member of the department responsible for delivering a particular key stage 4-subject area. The member of staff to order the relevant materials for that course uses this money. Any money left is used for the development of the department. The department meets and discusses resource priorities.

· Each member of the department has his/her own photocopying card and pin number. All charges made for photocopying are paid for by the Design Faculty budget.

Charging Policy

· Pupils are asked only for voluntary contributions and only charged where relevant.

· All financial contributions are recorded and the Head of Department pays all the key stage 3 contributions into the Design Technology Account. A pupil following a key stage 4 course who requires specialist materials or components may give the money to their teacher who is able to order through this account.

· In key stage 4 pupils requiring specialist materials and components are encouraged to provide these for themselves.

· The cost of undertaking any educational visits. A voluntary contribution may be asked for.

· Pupils will levy charges for breakages and willful damage.


Some materials are contributed to the department by local businesses. These contacts are vital if the department is to continue to offer such a variety of key stage 4 courses.