Staff Development

Each year the department will attempt to identify overall departmental and individual training needs. In consultation with the Staff Development Committee relevant internally or externally run courses will be provided if possible to meet the targeted needs. The priorities will be: -

· Curriculum Development
· Health and Safety

All members of the department can approach the Head of Department about training or other staff development issues. The Head of Department will pass any requests on to the Staff Development Committee. As a result of this consultation the committee will make proposals regarding staff training and development to the Headteacher.
This training may take the form of Inset days, Management In Service Training and Faculty and Cross- Curricular In Service Training.

Schemes of Work

All members of the department will follow an agreed curriculum for Key Stage 3. Schemes of work will be developed which will take into account the National Curriculum, school aims, teacher strengths and weaknesses and the facilities available. All members of the department will have a full copy of the syllabus and be involved in the review and revision of its' contents at the end of the year.

At Key Stage 4 we currently offer Resistant Materials, Graphic Products, Electronic Products and Industrial Products. The teachers who deliver them write these schemes of work and a copy is kept with the teacher and the Head of Department.

· Mr. A.Davies creates Resistant Materials in conjunction with Mr. G. Leech.
· Mr. D. Williams creates Graphic Products.
· Mr. G.Tazzyman creates Electronic Products.
· Mr. A.Davies creates Industrial Products in conjunction with Mr. D.Dudt.

Mr. D.Williams has been awarded a responsibility point for the planning and administration of Key Stage 3 including the preperation and reviewing of schemes of work.

The department syllabus is meant to create a support structure for the department, which still allows flexibility but ensures the maximum coverage of the National Curriculum.


The technician services not only the Technology Department but also the Art Department. As a result of this he tends to be stretched a little too thinly at certain times of the year. The technician not only prepares the materials and components necessary to deliver Key Stage 3 and 4 but also creates storage units and racking for the department. The technician is a valuable commodity and the Technology Department would not be able to function without him.

Because the technician time available is an extremely valuable resource it has to be targeted very carefully. The members of the Design Technology Department should inform the Head of Department if they need time allocated to them. The Head of Department will then discuss the work with the technician and prioritise the order of work.
It is important that the staff support the technician if we are to gain the maximum benefit from him.