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Design & Technology Department

Key Stage 3 Design and Technology


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The Following lessons have all been written by Mr.David Williams.
The Electric Buzzer Game
Health and Safety Specification Components
Dangers and Hazards in the Workshop The Knowledge Resistors
Tools Picture Bank Exploring the topics The Circuit

Tools Word Bank

Hand-and-eye co-ordination skills Making a Resistor Colour Code Chart

Tools Chooser Chart

Electric Circuits Circuit Diagrams

Dangerous Practices

Electric Circuit Graphic Symbols What the Circuit looks like

Health and Safety Rules

Conductivity and Materials The Design
The Project The works Gathering Research

Design Brief

How the electric Game works Picture Reference


Systems Choosing a theme
Design Ideas Preparation for Design Ideas Design Checklist
Ideas Sketches Developing the Design in 3D Drawing Ideas in 3D
Developing ideas in 3D The Inside Bits Formal Drawing
Planning for Making Materials Chooser Chart Orthographic Working Drawings
Parts and Tools list Assembly Stages Planner Making the Base
Marking out the sides Making the sides Homepage of this site.

The Following resources have been created by DT Online.
Living room information
Folded card products Mechanisms
Electronics Pneumatics Packaging Information
PCB Designer Packaging Designer

Injection moulding

The Following resources have been created by Mr.V.Ryan.

Basic CNC Work

Joints and Fixings

Equipment and Accessories

PCB Work

Technology and Cultures

Key Words



Forces and Moments

Basic Electronics

Drawing/Shading Techniques


The Design Process . .

The Following resources have been created by Mr.A.Davies
Structures/Bridges Structures/Kites Inventions and inventors
Resistant Materials
Thermosetting plastic Quizzes
Hardwoods Schemes of work Key Stage 3.