Teaching Methods

Planning / Approaches

The aim of the department is to give equal educational learning experiences to all. We also endeavor to give scope within the national curriculum to allow each pupil to gain personal success while being stretched at his or her own level.

Key Stage 3

The curriculum is based upon the Nuffield Technology Course. We use some of the material provided but have spent a great deal of time and effort generating our own materials. During each year the pupils tackle a balance of resource and capability tasks. The tasks are targeted to ensure the maximum coverage of the National Curriculum programmes of study.

The resource tasks are aimed at building up the pupil's experience, knowledge and basic skills. These resource tasks lead into capability tasks, which utilise these skills.

As part of the department development plan we hope to improve differentiation within the work being set for the pupils. Mr. G.Tazzyman as part of his responsibilities within the department has been asked to aid Differentiation through monitoring and correlating such data as reading ages, physical disabilities, settings, genders and the results of tests. We are currently developing a fully differentiated set of handouts for each project delivered in key stage 3 and 4.

Key Stage 4

At key stage 4 the work is based upon the requirements for the variety of examination courses being offered to the pupils. These courses are: -

· Resistant Material Products N.E.A.B

· Graphic Products N.E.A.B

· Electronic Products N.E.A.B

· Engineering

Next year we hope to offer a G.N.V.Q in 'Manufacturing' this will either be an intermediate or advanced level course. The Head of Department is currently obtaining his D33 in order to assess the course.