Year 10 GCSE Resistant Materials

The Car Scraper and Jig Project

This project required the students to venture into the world of Batch Production ( The production of a number of identical items or products). In teams the students were expected to design and make a number of identical polystyrene car scrapers. These scrapers had to be identical. Each member of the team took on a different responsibility or role. For example one person may have made the template, another may have cut the scrapers out, another may have sanded and filed while another planned and constructed the Jig. To guarantee that all of the scraper blades were sanded to the correct angle on the belt sander and that all the holes were drilled in the same places a Jig had to be made by each team. Once complete the teams entered into business exercise where they attempted to market and sell their scrapers. Spreadsheets had to be created in order to complete this exercise.

This team produced a number of Jigs. One to drill the hole, another to create the blade and this one to test the shape.

In this photograph we see two members of a team shaping their car scrapers and testing them using the Jig.