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The Aeron Chair


Many users ergonomically tested the Aeron Chair for comfort and it competed against the best office chairs available on the market.

The designers sought expert advice from ergonomists, orthopaedic specialists and physical therapists. They asked these experts to evaluate the chair's motion, safety, comfort and ease of adjustments.

The designers collected Anthropometric Data by measuring people across the country with specialist equipment. They collected all sorts of data including such measurements as the distance from the heel to the hollow at the back of the knee (popliteal height) and forearm length.

The 'Pellicle' material was tested in order to find out where the pressures would be exerted and how the weight of a body could be evenly distributed throughout the material. Tests were also conducted to investigate how well the material allowed both heat and moisture to dissipate (disperse) from the chair's seat and back.

The results of these tests and the opinions of the experts enabled the designers to develop and improve their design concept.

The Aeron Chair

Chair Description
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