Classic packaging. The Coca-Cola bottle

The Coca-Cola bottle is probably the most easily recognised containers in the world. It was described by the 'Pop' artist Andy Warhol as, the 'design icon of the decade'.

The smooth, organically shaped bottle was originally conceived in the early 1900's. It was a time when both the packaging and the actual Coca-Cola product was being imitated.

In response to this the company, in 1916 set a brief , which was to find: 'A Coca-Cola bottle which a person will recognise as a Coca-Cola bottle even if he feels it in the dark. The Coca-Cola bottle should be shaped that, even if broken, one could tell at a glance what it was'.

The bottle shown below is the 192ml size bottle. It is still sold in many countries throughout the world today. The bottle design was re-launched in Britain as recently as 1997. Coca-Cola conducted research which confirmed that consumers still preferred to drink Coca-Cola from a glass bottle.