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  • This involves designing for the human form whether it be for the average size or a more specific target audience like children.
  • Children's activities and toys come in all sorts of sizes. The size or scale of the toy will depend upon its intended use.
  • If it is to be hand held, for example a rattle, then it is important that the toy is small enough to fit comfortably into the baby's hand.
  • In order to design a child's toy it is essential to have collected hand and body sizes. We call these sizes Anthropometric Data.
  • Anthropometrics is really the study of the human form and human sizes. It is involves finding out such things as:

· How far on average people can safely reach for objects.
· How much space they need.
· How much force they can apply to an object is also examined.

  • Anthropometric Data comes in the form of charts and tables. They may provide specific sizes such as finger lengths and hand spans but they also offer average group sizes for people of different age ranges. Other sizes to consider are heights, reach, grip and sight lines.
  • Game and toy designers need to use this information in order to design their products. They do understand that these sizes are constantly changing, as the population grows bigger.