The Task

To Design and make a small mild steel G - Cramp that could be used to hold small pieces of work whilst filing, drilling or cutting.







Mild steel bar
section 1

. . . .

round section 2

. . . .

Mild steel plate 3

. . . .


1= The C shaped Body.

2 = The external Thread Bar and the Handle Bar.

3 = The small Mild Steel Plate at the bottom of the threaded



· The body of the cramp will be made from rectangular section mild steel bar.

· The bar will be annealed (heated to make it more workable) at certain points and beaten into a C shape.

· The handle will be made from mild steel, round section bar and will have an external thread cut into it to allow it to turn through the C shaped body, which will have an internal thread cut into it.

· The handle will also have another mild steel bar placed through it and brazed on. This second bar will create the handle to allow the cramp to be tightened or released.

· The body of the cramp will be painted using Hammerite paint to protect it and to prevent from becoming corroded.

· The top of the handle will be plastic coated to create a more comfortable grip.
This treatment also protects the handle from becoming corroded.

· The thread will remain untreated.