Injection Moulding

The process is used to produce large quantities of identical plastic items. One of the most common types of thermoplastics used in injection moulding is high impact polystyrene (HIPS).

Injection Moulding is the most important plastics manufacturing process. It produces such small products as bottle tops; sink plugs, children's toys, containers, model kits, disposable razors and parts of cameras. It is also used to manufacture larger items such as dustbins, and milk crates.

The process can even mould such large items as dingy hulls and kit car body shell parts.

Injection moulding used to be operated by people on the factory floor but these days it is a form of highly automated form of production. The whole process is controlled by a central processing unit.

The image on the left shows an Injection moulding machine. The image is courtesy of Focus Educational.

Stages of Injection Moulding