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In industry the product is usually made by a different set of people that create the designs. It is important to have a common language. The British Standards Institution recommends ways of displaying information on different types of drawings. These are called conventions and are understood all over the world.

It is not always possible to draw your design to full size or scale on the page. Sometimes the drawing would be too large to fit onto the page or it would be too small to read the sizes.
Choose a scale and write it on the drawing. A full size drawing is 1:1, a half size drawing is 1:2 and a drawing shown at twice the size is 2:1.

A working drawing needs to show all the dimensions and details needed to manufacture a product (all dimensions must be shown in millimetres).
When producing an orthographic drawing you will generally produce three views. A plan view, end elevation and a front elevation.

The Plan
This is the view looking directly down on top of the object.

The Front Elevation
We are looking straight on at the front of the object. This view normally carries most of the dimensions.

The End Elevation
This is either or sometimes both the remaining side views.

Hidden Detail

Hidden detail is shown by dotted lines and centre lines are shown by dashed lines. Construction lines are best left in the drawing do not rub them out. A link from this page shows an example of an orthographic drawing of a candlestick holder in first angle projection.

The drawing has guidelines, centrelines, dimensions and darker finished lines. The drawing shows a front elevation, a side elevation and a plan. The drawing also shows the symbol for first angle projection.

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