The Time Project
Lesson 3: Brainstorming (Questions)

Cognitive Chart

Attribute Analysis Chart
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Before you can start work on any Design Brief you will need to answer such questions as.


Where will the product be used?
Who will use the product or system?
When will the product be used?
What materials will the product be made from?
How much money will it cost to create the product?
Where will I get the resources from?
How long will it take me to make the product?
Will the product need much maintenance?
How can I ensure that the product will be safe to use and will it conform to British Safety Standards?
When will I have the time to make the product?
How will the product be protected from either the elements or the abuse of the user?

Lesson task:

To create a cognitive chart which examines possible themes for a clock project. The chart may be produced bya small team of pupils or it may be a whole class effort.

Brainstorm the considerations and develop questions regarding the creation of a clock or time piece.

Use the technique of AttributeAnalysis to develop possible specific design briefs and specifications.

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