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Measuring Tools

Try- Square

This is used to test that one surface is square (90 degrees) to another, and for marking out lines square to the face-side or face-edge. Woodworker's try squares have a carbon steel blade and a wooden stock, sometimes with a brass face, whilst engineer's squares have a carbon steel blade and stock.

Adjustable Square

with Spirit Level
Again used to mark lines, which need to be (90 degrees), to the edge of the material. The spirit level will indicate if the edge or surface of the material is level.

Dot Punch

This is used to locate the centres of circles, radii and arcs when marking out. It is commonly used on steel and not wood.
The dot punch is used with a ball-pein hammer


Used for high accuracy marking out and testing.
The micrometer is used to measure small diameters and thickness of thin materials. It is normally used with metal.

Measuring Tape

A retractable long length of metal tape which is used to measure large sheets of material. This model has a lock to prevent the tape from moving.

Pair of Spring Dividers

These are used to mark out circles and arcs and to step off equal lengths along a line. These are used to mark out metal as opposed to wood. Wood is marked out with a wing compass. These are heavier and have a lock.