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Pad Sander and Soldering Iron

Pad sander (Orbital sander)

The pad sander is used to smooth the rough surface of wood. The sander uses a suitable abrasive paper mounted onto a flexible pad. Once the abrasive paper is worn it can be easily replaced. This is not to be confused with the larger portable belt sander, which is a continuous abrasive band rotating over two rollers and is supported between the rollers by a pressure pad.

Safety: Always wears safety goggles and a face mask thus limiting the dust particles from entering the nasal passages.

Soldering iron
The soldering iron is used to heat the solder thus allowing it to melt onto the component and P.C.B track creating a joint. Do not melt solder onto the soldering iron tip and then offer it to the work: the flux will burn off before it can have any effect.

Safety: Wear safety goggles. Ensure that the soldering iron is placed back into the holder when it is not in use. Clean the end of the tip on wet sponge after every time it is used. Keep the lead clear of the iron tip.