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Power Tools


The jigsaw is used mainly to cut shapes out of sheet material. This type of jigsaw is very useful for cutting large holes because they can be started in a drill hole at any point on the sheet and for cutting sheets too large for the bandsaw. This is called a reciprocating cutting saw because the blade travels up and down.

Safety: Ensure that fingers are kept well clear of the blade. Goggles should be worn and the material must be secured.


Circular saw

A hand held circular saw is an example of a multiply- cutting machine i.e. it has at least two cutting points. Circular saws cut materials into strips. If used with a guide the cuts produced in the materials can be very accurate.

Safety: Safety goggles and a facemask should be worn.
Always ensure that the lead is clear of the teeth and the protective guard surrounds the blade.

Pillar drill

The pillar drill is used to drill holes in a variety of materials. The revolving drill-bit moves down against a secured piece of material to make a hole. The speed of the rotating chuck can be adjusted by altering the pulley belt system at the top of the machine.

Safety: The safety guard should always be down, the material should be held in a hand-clamp or G-cramped down and goggles must be worn.


The hand held router is used to create grooves, rebates,
chamfers, e.t.c. The router is moved across the surface of the material as the cutter revolves.
The work should always be cramped to the bench and guides, templates; jigs should be used to create the required cut.

Safety: Safety goggles and a face mask should be worn
Especially if using medium density fibreboard as the resins used in the material has proven to be harmful to the lungs.