Manufacturing (Resistant Materials)

Methods of Production (Injection Moulding)

Programmes of Study
New National Curriculum)

4b --> ICT opportunity
Pupils could research industrial applications on the internet.

Knowledge and understanding of materials and components

4 Pupils should be taught:
4c how materials are prepared for manufacture and how pre-manufactured standard components are used
4e that to achieve the optimum use of materials and components, they need to take into account the relationships between material, form and intended manufacturing processes.

Breadth of study

6 During the key stage, pupils should be taught the Knowledge, skills and understanding through:

a product analysis

Knowledge, skills and understanding

Teaching should ensure that knowledge and understanding are applied when developing ideas, planning, producing products and evaluating them.
Developing, planning and communicating ideas

1 Pupils should be taught to:
a develop and use design briefs, detailed specifications and criteria
1b consider issues that affect their planning [for example, the needs and values of a range of users; moral, economic, social, cultural and environmental considerations; product maintenance; safety; the degree of accuracy needed in production]
1c design for manufacturing in quantity
1f be flexible and adaptable in responding to changing circumstances and new opportunities