Health and Safety


The department will follow the County and School codes of practice to control the use of hazardous substances and thereby protect both the staff and the pupils. The following steps will be taken : -

· All substances should be clearly marked.

· Information concerning potential hazards and correct working practices will be given to the staff and the pupils either verbally or in written form.

· Only limited stocks of hazardous substances will be kept if possible.

· Care will be taken to reduce the amount of dust where possible.

· To avoid using hazardous materials / substances and try to substitute safer alternatives where possible.

· Staff will have full access to information, both county and manufacturers concerning hazardous materials.

· In the workshop pupils should have access to hazard cards to reinforce information given by the teacher.

· To provide and maintain extraction equipment to improve air quality.

County Policy - COSHH Risk Assessment.

Examine School Safety policy.

Risk Assessment

As part of the department curriculum and individual lesson planning due consideration should be given to the potential risks involved in the activity. Staff should assess if they can teach the course content safely and if the pupils would be able to successfully carry out a task in a classroom environment. They should follow any codes of practice and use the risk assessments provided by the ESCC.

Staff should : -

· Plan lessons with personal and pupil welfare in mind.
· Assess the risks of each individual activity.
· Where required decide upon control measures to reduce risk.
· Communicate any potential problems to senior members of staff.
· Provide an environment where staff and pupils can work safely.
· Have full access to all literature on risk assessments and know where to find them