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Product Analysis
Worksheet / Questionnaire 1

The following questions may be discussed and answered as a class activity or may be used as part of a homework/research activity. Ideally the students need to have a range of different types of sports shoes to focus on.

  1. What type of target group or customer has the sports shoe been designed for?
    In your answer consider the age range of the customer, the cost of the shoe, design of the shoe and the leisure or sports application

  2. Name the types of materials used to make the shoe and explain why the particular material was chosen for that part of the shoe?

  3. What advantages does the different materials give the shoe in terms of performance, comfort and quality?

  4. What resources were used to make the various parts of the shoe? Explain whether they were natural or synthetic.

  5. Are the resources renewable or nonrenewable?

  6. Are the resources recyclable or non-recyclable? If so what new products could be made from the recycled materials?

  7. Do you think that any part of our natural world was polluted as a result of the manufacture of the sports shoe?

  8. Has the shoe been designed to last a long time or has it a short life span?

  9. Explain with notes and drawings how the shoe has been fabricated (put together e.g. glued and stitched)?

  10. What alternative methods are there of fabricating the shoes?

  11. On the production line what methods of limiting the amount of waste materials could be used?

  12. Was any part of nature destroyed or harmed as a result of the manufacture of the shoe?

  13. How has the product been sold or presented to the customer? Does in come in a box or in a bag?

  14. If the shoes are sold in a box is the box made of card or plastic? What are the advantages of card as a form of packaging?

  15. What natural resources are used to make?
    a. a card box
    b. A plastic box

  16. Which of these two natural resources is renewable?

  17. Is the packaging the correct size and shape or do you think that the packaging designer could have used less packaging material?

  18. What do consumers usually do with the package after they have opened it?

  19. What other uses are there for the packaging once the shoes have been removed?

  20. What do you do with your old trainers when you have finished with them?

  21. What do you think happens to people's old trainers once they have been thrown away?

  22. Is there a place near you where you are able to recycle your old trainers?

  23. How would you find out how and where to recycle your old shoes and trainers?