Year 10 Manufacturing (Resistant Materials)

Lesson 5 Week 5 (Clock Project)

Definitions of properties of Materials.

Hardness The resistance a materials has to cutting and surface indentations.
Toughness This describes the amount of energy a material can absorb without breaking. This is the opposite to brittleness. We measure a material's ability to absorb shock.
Tensile Strength The maximum force a material can withstand in tension(pulling) compression(squashing) , torque(twisting) and shearing(sideways pressure).
Malleability The amount of hammering, pressing and shaping a material can take without breaking.
Ductility The length that a material can be stretched without breaking.
Elasticity The length that a material can be stretched and return to its original length when released.
Heat and Electrical Conductivity The measure of how well a material can conduct heat or electricity.
Heaviness The denseness of materials. A dense material will be heavy in relation to its size.
Strength The measure of how a material withstands a heavy load without breaking.