Year 10 Manufacturing (Resistant Materials)

Programmes of Study Teachers Rational Lesson1 (Situation and Brief) Practical Skills Design Skills Theory and Knowledge
Lesson 2
Orthographic Drawings
Brainstorming, Cognitive Charts
and Attribute Analysis
Lesson 4
Plastics. Properties, Uses and Common Forms.
Hardwoods and Softwoods Properties, Uses and Common Forms
Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals, Properties and Common forms
Drawing Styles and Modelling

Lesson 9
Vacuum forming
Lesson 12

The four images below are all examples of presentation drawings. The top drawing represents a childrens' electronic money box. Once the coin is inserted into the mouth the eyes (L.E.D's) light up. The drawing is high-lighted to give the impression that the pig is slightly raised from the page. The drawing still retains it's construction lines and annotation. There are some construction detail drawings around the image.

The image of the pneumatic toy below is also a presentation drawing. This drawing has had the construction lines removed and more colour (rendering) has been applied.

The presentation drawings below of a trolley system has limited colour but shows more line details. In each case the style of drawing is suitable to the product. The designer of the lorry felt it was more suitable to add more colour. You have to decide which style of drawing is suitable for your clock designs.