AS and A Level - Product Design

Forms of Manufacturing

Job, Batch, Early Mass, Modern Continuous/Flow Production.

Marcel Breuer

Architect and Furniture Designer.

An examination of this influencial designer and his work.

George Carwadine

The Anglepoise task lamp.

Richard Buckminster Fuller

The 'Geodesic Dome'.

Richard Buckminster Fuller

The 'Dymaxion Car'.

Alvar Aalto

Organically designed plywood and birch laminated furniture.

Lawrence Hargraves

Inventor of the famous 'Box Kite'.

Samuel Franklin Cody

Inventor of the Man-Lifting Cody Kite

Alexander Graham Bell

Inventor of the telephone and kite inventor

The Memphis Group

Examine the work of the influential 1980's 'Memphis Group'. This resource is vitally important for any Product Design students.

Classic Packaging

Examine such classics as the Coca-Cola bottle, the Oxo cube, the Brasso tin, the Kiwi tin and the Supermarket Carrier Bag

Ettore Sottsass

A designer whose career spanned more than 40 years. Sottsass was the founder of the Memphis Group.

Phillipe Starck

Architect, interior designer, industrial designer and fashion guru. Phillipe Starck is on of the best-known contemporary designers in the world today.

Robin Day

Designer of the most democratic chair design of the twentieth century. The Polyprop Chair.


Eero Arnio

He created two of the most famous chairs of the decade, the 'Ball' or 'Globe' chair and the 'Pastilli' or 'Gyro' chair for which he was awarded an A.I.D. Aarnio has now returned to traditional materials like wood.