Classic packaging. The 'Kiwi' Shoe Polish

This is the most famous shoe polish sold in the world today. The white Kiwi bird on the red and black background makes this logo easily recognisable.

The company manufacturing the polish was set up as far back as 1906 by the Scotsman William Ramsey who named the product after his New Zealand born wife. Kiwi first produced the boot polish in 1906 in Australia before expanding to the U.K in 1911.

At the end of the twentieth century shoes and boots became affordable to the masses and with the start of the Second World War in 1911 the demand for large numbers of polished army boots increased the sales of the product. Soldiers returning from the War continued to use the product. Kiwi soon became the number one boot polish and remains so today.

The image below shows the 'Kiwi tin'. Notice the clever opening lever on the side.