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The Time Project
Lesson 5: Table of Hardwoods

Hardwoods Chooser Chart
Common Name Advantages Uses Disadvantages Colour
Beech Hard, tough and very strong. The close grain withstands wear and shocks. A very hard wood used for furniture, floors, veneers and wooden toys. Not suitable for outside work because it is not durable to moisture changes. It is difficult to work an does warp. White or pinkish.
European Oak Very strong and durable. It is both hard and strong. Easier to use than beech. Boat building, garden furniture, quality furniture and gate posts. It is heavy and expensive. It is prone to splitting and because of it's tannic acid content it can corrode iron and steel fittings. Light to dark brown.
Elm Elastic, tough, durable, does not split easily, medium weight, good for use under water. Turnery, garden furniture when correctly treated. some furniture. It will warp unless well seasoned. Light reddish brown.
Teak It is naturally durable to moisture because of it's oil content. It does not corrode iron and steel fittings. it is hard and strong.veneers. Ships decks, garden furniture, It is difficult to glue because of the oil content. It blunts tools very quickly. Golden brown.
Available in wide and long boards. easy to work, fairly strong. Shop fittings, furniture, veneers Warps, Hardness varies. Pink to reddish brown.
Meranti It is cheaper than mahogany. It is a mahogany substitute. furniture, interior joinery. Can be used outside if correctly preserved. Does not polish as well as mahogany. Dark red or yellow.
African Walnut Attractive appearance. Available in larger sizes. High class furniture. Sometimes used as teak substitute in furniture. It can be difficult to plane and finish. Bronze yellowish-brown with irregular dark lines.
Afrormosia Works well, durable. Sills, gates, doors, stairs, floors. Stains in contact with iron and moisture. Yellow to dark brown.

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