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The Time Project
Lesson 5: Table of Softwoods

Softwoods Chooser Chart
Common Name Uses Advantages Disadvantages Colour
Scots pine,
pine, fir.
Suitable for all types of inside work. Used for wood turning. Can be used outside with suitable preservatives. Fairly cheap and readily available. Easy to work and finishes well. Durable. Knotty. Cream to pale reddish brown.
Parana Pine Staircases and furniture. The best quality internal softwood. attractive grain. Available in long and wide boards. Works easily. Lacks toughness. Does tend to warp and can be expensive. Pale yellow with attractive streaks.
Western Red Cedar Cladding for the outside of buildings. Resistant to insect attack because of natural preservative oils. Weather and dry rot. Knot free. Very durable. Very easy to work. More expensive than red or whitewood. Not that strong. Dark reddish brown.
Douglas Fir Outside construction. Ladders and masts. Water resistant. Knot free. durable and easy to work. Splits easily. Attractive reddish brown.
Whitewood Spruce General outside work. Resistant to splitting. Easy to work. Small hard knots. Not durable. Plain creamy white.

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