The following pages will attempt to examine a selection of classic lighting systems. These lights use a variety of light sources and have been designed to create different effects. They are all used for specific purposes.

We will discuss ambient light, down light, uplight, spot light, candle light, task light and occasional light.

We will of course examine 'classic lighting icons' of the twentieth century and find out which designers created them.

This work may assist you with your own project work but may also prove to be a useful resource when studying one aspect of the AS and A level Product Design Course, 'Design In Society'.

The following lights are not in chronological order. Each week the list below will be updated.

1. The Anglepoise task lamp. George Carwardine.

2. The Luxor L-1. Jacob Jacobsen.

3. The Castiglioni brothers. Livio, Pier Giacomo and Achille Castiglioni.