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Classic packaging.

It was Theodore Tobler and his production manager Emil Baumann who developed this uniquely shaped chocolate. The name Toblerone is a word play upon the names 'Tobler' and 'Torrone' the Italian word for honey-almond nougat.

The unmistakable shape of the Toblerone packaging is an example of unique branding. The product, which is sold throughout the world, not only has a distinctive name but is distinguished by its triangular peaks.

Apparently the unusual shape may have been inspired by the most famous mountain in Switzerland called The Matterhorn.

Alternatively it is rumored that the shape may have been based upon an all together more exotic theme. The creator of Toblerone, Theodore Tobler regularly made business trips to Paris. Tobler visited the show at the Folies Bergères. As part of their stage act the
red and beige clad dancers at the famous cabaret formed a human pyramid at the close of their number. Could this vision have inspired Tobler's triangular shaped chocolate?

Concerned that a competitor may attempt to steal the concept shape for this unique product and threaten the success of Toblerone, Tobler applied for a patent for the Toblerone manufacturing process in Bern in 1906. It was granted, which led to Toblerone becoming the first chocolate product to be patented.

Tobler moved quickly and in 1909 also registered Toblerone as a brand name in Switzerland.

Brief History of Toblerone:

1867 Jean Tobler (father of Theodore Tobler) opens his first store, the "Confiserie Spéciale", on Mittelstrasse in Bern/Switzerland.
1899 The demand for Tobler's chocolate products become so great that Jean Tobler Jean Tobler opens his own chocolate factory. Together with his sons, he founds the 'Fabrique de Chocolat Bern, Tobler & Cie'.
1908 Theodore Tobler (Jean Tobler's son) and Emil Baumann (production manager and Tobler's cousin), develop a unique chocolate,consisting of a special recipe and a triangular shape. They named the product Toblerone.
1909 The Toblerone brand is orally registered with the Federal Institute for Intellectual Property in Bern, shortly afterwards Toblerone becomes the first patented milk chocolate containing almonds and honey.
1920 The image of a bear (Bern's heraldic animal) replaces the eagle on the Toblerone package.
1930 The eagle returns to the packaging, this time with a flag carrying the Tobler "T." At the time, products were not allowed to display Swiss national symbols.
1969 Toblerone also becomes available in a semi-sweet Dark Chocolate Toblerone.
1970 The TOBLERONE name takes up all the space on the packaging. The end panels show an image of the Matterhorn
1973 White Chocolate Toblerone is introduced to the Swiss market.
1987 The blue and white Tobler logo appears on the packaging in addition to the Toblerone name.
1995 A new product. The Toblerone Minis become available.
1996 Blue Toblerone - the first filled Toblerone becomes available.
1997 Toblerone Pralinés become available and prove to be an instant success.

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