The Aeron Chair

The Aeron Chair has no padding. It is covered in a unique type of material called 'Pellicle'. This material distributes the weight of the person evenly over the seat and back. It flexes to each person's unique shape. Pellicle fits the contours of the human body.

The material looks slightly transparent. The designers deliberately chose this material as it acts as a permeable membrane and allows air and light moisture to pass through, adding to long-term comfort by preventing body heat and moisture build-up.

The chair has optional armrests that are fully adjustable, catering for different heights and widths. It also comes with optional lower back supports (lumbar supports) that adjust for height and depth.

Because of its unique tilting action, for the first time small people may fully recline and large people can maintain an upright posture without having to stoop.

The Aeron Chair

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