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The Time Project
Lesson 3: Brainstorming (Attribute Analysis)

Cognitive Chart

Attribute Analaysis Chart
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Attribute Analysis

Attribute analysis is a technique which may be used to develop new concepts or designs for familiar products. Students used the chart below to create a unit that is made from Pine that holds 40 C.D's that is designed for the kitchen and may be spray painted. The C.D's may be stored in pull-out trays and the whole unit may be sold for £40.
You can use Attribute Analysis to help you to create a list of specifications for a product.

The information below has been extracted from the cognitive chart in this lesson concerning the compact storage unit. It has been used to make an Attribute Analysis Chart.

Materials Where will it be stored Size Colour/Finish Access Budget
Pine Bedroom 5 C.D's Varnish Doors £10
Mahogany Kitchen 10 C.D's Stain Roll up door £20
Mild Steel Lounge 20 C.D's Paint Trays £40
Acrylic Car 40 C.D's Natural Slots £60

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