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The Time Project
Lesson 4: Plastics (Table of plastics)


Thermosetting plastics
Plastic Memory
Table of plastics
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Examine the Common Thermoplastics and Thermosetting Plastics Table.

The table displays a variety of common plastics. It explains where and why each plastic is used. It also explains the properties of plastics and provides information on the common forms of each one.

Use the table to answer the questions below.

1. Which type of plastic would be suitable to manufacture washing up liquid bottles from?

2. Give two reasons as to why acrylic is used to make external signs?

3. Name a suitable plastic used to transport medical supplies on board ships?

4. A manufacturer intends to sell mechanical miniature children's cars. It has decided to make part of the gearing system from plastics. Which tough plastic with a good bearing surface would you recommend?

5. Give two reasons as to why guttering and drainpipes are made from Rigid PVC?

6. Name one property of acrylic that may prove to be a disadvantage?

7. The handles of mild steel screwdrivers made in the school workshop need to be protected through the process of dip coating. Which plastic could be used? The same plastic is used to insulate electrical wires.

8. Name a suitable plastic used in the boat industry to make small rowing boats?

9. Which transparent plastic is used to make the windows of garden sheds? Explain why you think it is preferred to glass?

10. Gear systems need to be self lubricating, resistant to oil and have good fatigue resistance. Name a suitable plastic?

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